Mismatch: Jiu-Jitsu Vs Bodybuilder

This video features another Jiu-Jitsu vs Bodybuilder matchup, and the results are unsurprising. In this quick fight, a fighter with BJJ easily takes down his bodybuilding opponent. It’s not a surprising result, and a couple of caveats apply here. The bodybuilder is a complete newcomer to sparring and MMA. Plus, we’re talking about a friendly match.

In fact, the match is more designed to train and teach the bodybuilder. What techniques are used during the fight are detailed by the BJJ fighter, and it’s a quick but worthwhile watch. Bodybuilders work to bulk up and compete in strength competitions, so most people wouldn’t be surprised about a bodybuilder losing to a BJJ fighter.

See the match below!



  1. é pois entao ve se tu no morre no mma se tu num souber jiu jitsu…
    vai na mao então com alguém do jiu…ce acorda no hospital


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