Joe Lauzon Confronts Marcin Held Over Controversial Win

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon is not the type of guy who’s going to accept an undeserved win. Not only did he tell reporters that his fight at UFC Fight Night 103 should have gone to his opponent, Marcin Held, but he confronted Held backstage to tell him to his face.

Marcin rightly did not blame Joe a bit for the loss. He did, however, worry that he might lose his job with the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion.

“I’ll call them,” Joe said, assuring his former opponent that he would be in his corner if the UFC brass tried to cut him.

Joe Lauzon is one of the most exciting fighters in mixed martial arts history. An argument could even be made that he is the most exciting fighter. Not only does he hold the record for most post-fight bonus awards (15) but he also holds the most Submission of the Night honors (6) and seven Fight of the Night honors.

After his fight against Held, Joe Lauzon should have earned himself another award: Most Honorable Fighter.

Way to go, Joe!



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