Joe Lauzon Earns Controversial Split Decision Over Marcin Held

UFC veteran and “Bonus Machine” Joe Lauzon gets another “W” next to his name, but not without some controversy.

Granted, the New Englander almost finished the fight early against his Polish opponent, Marcin Held. Early in the first round, Held went in for a takedown and pressed Joe against the fence. Joe, however, returned with some huge elbows though. As Held fell to the canvas, Joe went in for an armbar. The Eastern European managed to escape, but as he came up, Lauzon landed another big elbow.

The rest of the match seemed to be in Held’s control, though. The Pole used his superior takedown skills to constantly bring Lauzon down to the canvas. It seemed like every time Joe tried to put pressure on his opponent, Held simply switched his levels and took his opponent down with the ease most experienced wrestlers take down the newest students at the gym.

But whatever Held did, it was not enough to impress the judges.

Winner via split decision: Joe Lauzon


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