John Oliver Mocks “Fight Island” On “Last Week Tonight,” Dana White Responds

Since it was first spoken about, Dana White’s concept of “Fight Island” — a private island designed to host fights with athletes from all nations regardless of border closures — has been the topic of much chatter. Some people think the idea is cool, others think it’s stupid, and others are just reveling in the absurdity of it all.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver did a segment on the state of sports in the COVID-19 era, and of course, he mentioned the UFC’s reemergence in Florida and the development of the now infamous Fight Island. Oliver’s roast was a light one, but it was enough to prompt a response from White.

Check out the video below to see Oliver’s sports segment, and skip to 10:05 to specifically hear the part about the UFC:

White replied on Twitter accusing the host of using “selective facts.”

Sorry, Dana, but “UF-SEA” is, objectively, a cooler name.


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