Jon Jones Tests Positive For Oral-Turinabol, Again

Image Source: Jon Jones via Instagram

Same metabolite, different day.

UFC star Jon Jones has tested positive for oral-turinabol again in advance of his upcoming fight with challenger Anthony Smith this weekend, Bloody Elbow reports. Turinabol is the same M3 metabolite that set off a firestorm when Jones tested positive for it pre-Gustafsson bout back in 2018, and in the 2017 drug test which almost cost Jones his UFC contract following his match with Daniel Cormier.

The results are viewed as a crime Jones has already been punished for, and will not effect his ability to take on Smith on March 2 at UFC 235.

“We’ve already punished Jon Jones for the M3 metabolite, which is a long-term metabolite. There’s no grounds to charge somebody twice for the same violation,” said CSAC executive Andy Foster back in January. The UFC and United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) also refrained from taking action against Jones after this result.

USADA reps have explained that the amount of turinabol remaining in Jones’ system gives him no performance advantage.

In late 2018, UFC athletic performance overseer Jeff Novitzky explained in length the promotion’s reason for considering Jones’ test results acceptable:


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