Josh Barnett Loses Quintet But Wins With “Shower Burger”

It’s not a leg of mutton or cask of mead, but it may be the ideal refuel for a modern day Viking: “The Shower Burger.”

UFC veteran and likely Asgardian Josh Barnett was unfortunately defeated at Quintet 3 last night, succumbing to Gordon Ryan’s lethal triangle choke during the submission-only team grappling competition. Barnett’s clan, Team Sakuraba, was ultimately knocked out of competition by Team Alpha Male in the semifinals.

Barnett took the loss in stride, however. A few short hours after his submission the “Warmaster” posted video to Instagram showing his multitasker’s approach to post-competition recovery…eating a burger, while in the shower. Which is a victory in and of itself, really.

Barnett also congratulated his “son” Gordon Ryan for a “badass” MVP Quintet debut. (PS: The Odin and Thor father/son resemblance is definitely there.)

So yeah. If you’re going to lose, go out in style like Josh Barnett.


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