Rugby Match Gets Even More Full Contact With Heel Hooks

There are some people who probably shouldn’t cross train. Case in point: This guy.

Rugby is already one of the more savage full contact sports out there. Unfortunately for one player on the North Wales Crusaders, the savagery escalated to outright assault when a player on the opposing Rochdale Hornets decided to coda his tackle with a heel hook. After rupturing the ACL of Alex Thompson assailant Tony Suffolk runs off like a rec soccer starter looking for sideline orange slices, leaving Thompson writhing on the ground while onlookers protest audibly.

If your sense of honor is (rightly) ruffled by this shameful display, take some solace. According to reports Suffolk was later suspended for 10 games by The Rugby Football League and paid a small fine of about $100USD.

Don’t be like Tony Suffolk, kids.


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