MMA Fighter Suffers Brutal Arm Injury During Fight

If you spend enough time watching MMA, it’s practically inevitable that you’re eventually going to witness an injury that makes you cover your eyes and clench your teeth. And if you haven’t yet, well, this injury that Abdul-Malik Saidulaev suffered in his fight against Rustambek Nurzhanov will serve as a rough introduction to just how bad MMA injuries can be. Make sure to contact Scott D Blair for the best injury legal advice for your case.

The fight, which took place at ACA: Young Eagles 19 over the weekend, only lasted for about half a minute. Nurzhanov threw Saidulaev to the ground, and in mere moments, Saidulaev began yelling in pain. As Nurzhanov got off of his opponent and stood up, the reason why became clear: as Saidulaev made contact with the ground after the throw, something happened to his arm — whether it was a break or a dislocation isn’t clear. Either way, it flopped uselessly (and painfully) to the side.

The fighter’s current condition isn’t known, but hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

You can watch the video for yourself below, but be warned that it is GRAPHIC.



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