Jotunn Assassin: Product Review

Jotunn recently reached out and asked us to do a gi review for them. So, we tried out their Assassin gi for them.



The first thing I noticed was that this gi was the softest thing I had ever laid my hands on. I cannot describe it as anything other than heavenly. BJJ practitioners joke about rolling around in pajamas, but these actually felt as comfortable as pajamas. It uses a crystal weave, which is something I was totally unfamiliar with before seeing this. I don’t know that I’ll ever be happy with anything else now. It’s obviously a very durable gi without giving up any comfortability.

The embroidery is excellent. There are no loose threads within it, no spots where it is coming apart or “balding”. Embroidery is one of those things that I personally really like on a gi, so they already won me over in that department.

A little detail I enjoyed was the rope inserts on the pants.


The inserts are extra large, which helps keep them in place. Many gis don’t have good rope inserts, so the rope ends up moving around or coming untied, or even gets pulled into the pants themselves. This design keeps them in place and even assists in keeping the ropes the same length.

The only complaint I would have is that the gis size a bit large. Even after a first shrinking, they still stay a little bit bigger than most gis run. That said, their customer service is awesome and quick to respond if you ever have any complaints.


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