JuggernautBJJ App Uses AI To Create Strength & Conditioning Programs For BJJ Athletes

For BJJ athletes and coaches who are looking for an individualized training program without the cost of a personal trainer, Juggernaut BJJ has entered the market as an affordable option by resourcing an AI, developed under BJJ athlete/Professional Strongman/2-time National Champion Shot Putter/One of the top 10 powerlifters of all time, Chad Wesley Smith.

Smith is a 300-pound purple belt who’s trained more than a handful of world champion powerlifters and jiu-jitsu players, and there might not be anyone on the planet who is more qualified to oversee your strength and conditioning program. Most of us probably can’t afford him, but his brainchild could be the next best thing. His app, Juggernaut BJJ, provides a personalized strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for jiu-jitsu athletes. 

Users of the app can choose between 5 different targets for their training program: Strength, Speed/Power, Endurance, Tournament Prep, and Lifestyle. They also input various data to help the AI determine a workout regime, such as gender, age, size, experience, and training frequency. Over time, the AI gets more in tune with your training needs and continues to adapt the workouts based on user provided data.

For those who want to try the app without committing to the $19.99/month payment, JuggernautBJJ does offer a 7-day free trial and Smith’s YouTube Channel, Juggernaut Training Systems, offers plenty of information completely for free.


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