Jumping To Guard Danger – The Do’s and Don’ts!

Would you believe that one of the most dangerous techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is jumping to closed guard?

A quick search of Youtube videos will show a disturbing number of serious knee injuries resulting from jumping to closed guard.
It is NOT the jumper who is in danger!

The standing opponent has their knee joint hyperextended – and sadly, often broken.

Note the staggered stance of the opponent and the hips of the guard jumper land squarely on the front leg.
* The videos below show serious leg injuries so watch at your own discretion!

The IBJJF rules have a prohibition of the jump to put the opponent in closed guard in the white belt division.

Do Not Do!

The Videos (not for the faint of heart!)

How to jump to guard safely:

World Bjj Champion Prof. Otavio Sousa from Gracie Barra demonstrates how to safely pull guard and attack the arm lock once you hit the mat.

* Note how Otavio places his foot in the hip instead of jumping and closing while standing.

Pulling Guard to Tripod Sweep Variation
Place your grips correctly while standing and then hit the sweep immediately when you hit the ground.

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