Keanu Reeves: ‘As You Get Deeper And Deeper In The Training You Get Less And Less Normal Life’

Keanu Reeves takes his training seriously, even if it means sacrificing his normal life — however normal of a life a world-famous actor has.

“As you get deeper and deeper into training, you get less and less [of a] normal life, which I’ve enjoyed the focus of it,” said Reeves while on the set of his latest movie, John Wick 2.

Normally, actors have stunt doubles, but the makers of John Wick 2 decided to forget about the stuntman and train Reeves to do his own fight scenes, a decision the actor has embraced.

My friends are like, “Where did you go?” I’m in the training paradigm. I really enjoyed the physical side of it. I’m a virgo. I like tasks, I like puzzles, I like trying to get good at something, so it’s fun to do the physical stuff.

The movie’s producers also enlisted the help of some of the top martial artists in the game, including the legendary Machado brothers, who helped Reeves improve his ground skills.  Keanu is no stranger to the ground, as he already trains under Rigan Machado, who is known for training Hollywood stars such as Charlie Hunnam and Ashton Kutcher.

You can check out the video from John Wick 2 below:


  1. Hope to see Keanu in more action movies. He’s a very good versatile actor. I like to also see him in lawman role as well. He is very athletic for fifty +.He is a natural!


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