Keanu Reeves Training Jiu-Jitsu With The Machado Brothers For John Wick 2

Keanu Reeves — star of such blockbusters as The Matrix trilogy — trained with the legendary Machado brothers for his upcoming movie, John Wick 2.

“I love John Wick,” Rigan Machado said of the first movie. “For me it was the first movie which you see techniques of good martial arts so well put together.”

Keanu Reeves Trains BJJ with the Machado Brothers

In the video below, Keanu can be seen working on some guard techniques under Rigan, who described the star’s techniques as “already very sharp.”

The Machado brothers, of course, are no strangers to training celebrities. Rigan has trained such celebrities as Ashton Kutcher, and Jean Jacques endorsed the third-degree black belt of Chuck Norris.

All of the Machado appeared in an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger back in 1996.


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