Kenny Florian Takes Gold, Again, Wins SJJIF Masters Division

Photo: Sky Palma

That’s the second time this month. UFC veteran, gym owner, and TV host Kenny Florian topped the podium at SJJIF in California, beating out Sky Palma and Israel Reyes. Florian previously won the Long Beach Open in his masters division on November 3.

Florian is best known to UFC fans as first a light-and-featherweight, turning in performances that won him Fight of the Night three times with a final record of 16-6-0. He transitioned into color commentating after his 2012 retirement from fighting, appearing on FOX Sports and ESPN. You may recognize him as the face of Battlebots, that show where aggressively designed robots fight each other.

And in between he taught at his Meraki BJJ, then celebrated celebrity client Jonah Hill’s one year anniversary as a grappler, so, been a busy month. Cheers to coaches who are about that life.


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