Kung Fu vs Jiu Jitsu Full Contact

Kung Fu is a respected martial art skill but it has nothing on the swift and accurate jiu-jitsu style. How so? In 10 years of Kung vs. 10 years of jiu-jitsu bout, a jiu-jitsu fighter will have the upper hand thanks to the multiple combinations of skill and tact taught in jiu-jitsu.
In the video, right from the first round the jiu-jitsu fighter locks a guillotine choke on his opponent who gives in immediately. You also notice the kung Fu fighter trying to poke the eyes of his jiu-jitsu opponent which again proves to be ineffective as the jiu-jitsu fighter is too quick.
Verdict: 10 years of Jiu-Jitsu training is superior to 10 years of Kung Fu, because jiu-jitsu doesn’t depend on kicks alone but on an array of quick skills that catches opponents by surprise.


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