Listen As Eddie Bravo Talks About His BJJ Friend Who Loves To Start Fights

Brendan Schaub, Ben Saunders, and Eddie Bravo all showed up on The Joe Rogan Experience recently. During the three hour podcast, Rogan and company touched upon a variety of topics. A healthy amount of comedy arose throughout the episode, too. Bravo recounted an amusing story about one of his BJJ friends early on. Apparently, that friend was a purple belt and worked as the bouncer of a nightclub back in the 90s.

He wore knee pads and quick-pull ties because he loved to fight. Bravo’s friend enjoyed picking fights and didn’t like the easy ones. In fact, a road rage incident saw his bouncer friend fighting someone else that knew BJJ, too. Bravo’s friend didn’t know whether he won that fight or not, but he didn’t think so. It’s an amusing story, but we’re not sure we’d want that buddy as our own.

Watch below as Eddie Bravo tells a funny story about a BJJ buddy that loves to start fights:


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