Reebok Statement on ‘Anderson Aldo’ Mixed Up Shirt

It is no secret that the UFC-Reebook partnership got off to a rocky start. However, another design mistake is making the clothing giant the target of a new wave of criticism once again. The design on a T-shirt that was supposed to promote Anderson Silva’s Brazilian heritage instead came out with the letters ‘Anderson Aldo’ emblazoned just above the UFC logo. Reebok has acknowledged that the design error occurred at a single manufacturing location and that they were working to correct the issue. They have also pulled the T-shirt from their online store.

This is one more misspelling mistake that has been noted in recent UFC-Reebok merchandise, which followed the notorious name misspellings on fighter kits and merchandise that omitted Northern Ireland from the map of Ireland. The 70 million UFC-Reebok Partnership started in July and makes Reebok the official outfitter for the UFC.


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