Long Step and Leg Drag Drill with Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrosa

Jiu Jitsu Times is proud to share with you a new feature with the one and only Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrosa.  Torregrosa is based in Sacramento, CA and has built an army of jiu jitsu competitors.  On a recent visit, I found each of the students I trained with to have amazingly sharp techniques which Professor Torregrosa credited to his belief in constant drilling.  

Professor Torregrosa has kindly shared some exclusive drills for Jiu Jitsu Times.  In this first installment, Professor Torregrosa and his student Javi Del Rosario demonstrate a two part side position drill designed to teach students “transitional awareness.”

The key points of this drill according to Professor Torregrosa are:

Transitional Awareness

Students learn things like staying on the balls of their feet, basing by turning the knees in, and the fundamental movements of the long step and the leg drag.

Both newer students and higher belts can benefit from drilling these techniques to make their movements more fluid and sharpen their awareness.

Check it out:

Yemaso Two Part Long Step and Leg Drag Drill


Check out Professor Torregrosa’s Academy on Facebook at:

Yemaso BJJ Academy

Follow Professor Yemaso on Instragram at:  @yemasobjj

If you have any questions or situational drills you’d like to see from Professor Torregrosa, email us at jiujitsutimessubmissions@gmail.com




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