Lucas Pinheiro Revealed Injured – Almost Paralyzed

Lucas Pinheiro has been injured and was not supposed to be training for the past few months with a pinched back nerve. Doctors said training and having a small tweak could leave him paralyzed waist down, but this did not stop him from competing injured. Lucas was going to get surgery 2 weeks after the tournament for but new injections have been helping him come along and train. He has just been released to train 2 hours a day by his doctor. As seen in the videos uploaded on the front page of jiu jitsu times, Lucas has his ankle wrapped up and was limping on it due to a bone out of place on top of his foot that was causing him pain to just walk. He went to a doctor immediately after the tournament to find this out. Only time will tell how well Lucas truly is. He has proved himself before multiple times being a world champion – seems he must do it again. PS – note how he was only tapped by attacking the specific foot, and for those spanish-speakers, listen to how the father is telling the son to attack the foot. See Video Here


  1. Most black belts would be ashamed to have someone speak on their behalf in such a manner.

    It does not matter what his injuries were (i truly hope he is okay). He chose to fight. He lost. End of story.

    I guess anyone who is handicapped (including myself… Yes I have a permanent handicap) should use their hamdicap s an excuse? Pllllease. Grow up.. I would never use it as an excuse. My choice to fight and if I lose, congrats to the one who beat me.


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