Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Mackenzie Dern To Make MMA Debut In July

Fans of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu know Mackenzie Dern’s name. She’s been a rising star in BJJ forever now. In fact, she won ADCC 2015 and has held a championship in the past. General MMA and UFC fans may only have a vague idea of Dern, though. She’s going to work her way toward becoming a household name in MMA. As Mackenzie Dern signs with Legacy FC, her future looks brighter than ever before.

Mackenzie Dern interview with MMA Fighting:

“I hope I can represent jiu-jitsu well and put on a good performance,” said Dern, who turns 23 years old on March 24. “Of course, I will try to be aggressive, but it’s my first fight, so I will still feel everything, see what I have to improve.”

Until her debut, Dern will train at The MMA Lab. We already know the date and location of her Legacy FC debut: July 22 in Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Lake Charles, LA. Her opponent is unknown and unannounced at this point. For her first match, she’ll fight at 115 pounds, which is below her normal BJJ weight of 127-132 pounds.A minor weight cut will give her more power and speed, if she keeps up her training.

To many, Mackenzie Dern embodies the competitive spirit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She’s going to take her Legacy FC debut seriously and give everything to her opponent. It remains to be seen whether she’ll cruise to victory or win a hard-fought battle. However, few fans believe she’ll lose her debut, considering her unmatched talents in the realm of BJJ.


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