Mahamed Aly Admits Past Steroid Use, Says It’s “Not Good For [His] Performance”

2018 IBJJF World Champion Mahamed Aly has revealed that he once took anabolic steroids, but says that he no longer uses them.

Aly made the admission during a Q&A session with his followers on Instagram, responding to a question that asked, “Do you take a lot of anabolics?”

Aly’s response now has a lot of the BJJ community talking, as he revealed he has used steroids in the past, but neglected to say when the usage had taken place in his career.

“Man, I have taken, but it’s not something I do. At the end of the day I don’t think it’s good for my performance. I think that it takes away from your feeling of deserving it. Doing something that in theory is illegal, it takes away from your sense of worthiness.”

The statement was a bombshell, as most steroid use revelations in BJJ only take place after testing. Very few promotions and competitive organizations actually test for prohibited substances, with the IBJJF being one major exception (though they still offer only limited testing). Aly has not tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs so far in his jiu-jitsu career.


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