How Many Techniques Do I Need To Know?

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If I were to ask you about the total number of techniques in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, what would be your guess?



More and growing by the day?

It is mind-boggling to consider how many submissions and variations there are, especially if you are a beginner.

But the better question is: how many techniques do you really need to know?

There is a big difference between looking at a technique, recognizing it, and saying “Yep, seen that one before,” and being able to apply it on a fully resisting opponent.

This is the difference between knowing a move and applying it. I know a large number of guard sweeps, but I only use about ten. These are techniques I have faith in, I can easily recall, and I can hit when the situation presents itself.

How about your own game? I am guessing that you use a small number of techniques that you are proficient and confident in.

I remember hearing many years ago that Olympic judo competitors know many different takedowns and variations, but only use about four or five of them. You can bet those favorite techniques are honed to a razor sharpness. They also use the setups and combinations that amplify their effectiveness!

World Champion Bernardo Faria says that you should learn all of the techniques you can. Even if they will not be a part of your game, you will understand what makes them work and at the very least know how to defend against them.

An important rule to understand concerning techniques is: the right tool for the right situation.

You may have become infatuated with a certain type of guard style, but if your opponent is nullifying that guard, you need to change to a better style. You may love the hip bump sweep, but if your opponent is smashing into you, it’s time to select a better technique.

The right tool for the right situation.

Learn all of the techniques you can, but realistically you will regularly use a handful of favorites for each position.

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