Flow Like Water

There are BJJ guys who bring heavy pressure when they pass and control from the top. Their opponents feel like a tractor trailer has parked on their chest!

And then there are guys who move with such incredible smoothness that it gives us a glimpse of just what is possible when the jiu-jitsu flows.

Here are four different videos showing some incredible flow by BJJ black belts.

Marcelo Garcia Rolling With Ryan Hall

The creativity and exchange of positions is happening so smoothly that it is difficult to wrap your mind around what each grappler is doing to adjust to the other’s movements.

Mendes Bros 2014 Rickson Cup Highlight

Think you can move? Check out the incredible Mendes brothers showing mind-blowing transitions in a black belt competition in Japan.

BJJAfter40 – Flow Your Attacks!

The Spider Ninja shows what he does best – effortlessly move from position to position and catch submissions every step of the way.

Andre Galvao vs Fake Black Belt

The story behind this is that the opponent was a black belt in some traditional Japanese style of jiu-jitsu. He attempted to heel hook Galvao (which was against the rules), and Galvao responded by running a flow clinic on the guy.


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