Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida To Undergo A Knee Surgery

Last IBJJF Worlds 2015 Buchecha was unable to continue the tournament Ricardo Evangelista performed the waiter sweep and injured Buchecha’s knee.


Momentos como esses que me são os responsáveis por eu fazer o que faço. Vitorias e derrotas fazem parte da carreira de…

Posted by Marcus Almeida Buchecha on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Moments like these are the responsible to make me do what I do. Victories and defeats is part of the career of any athlete, but something that I was’t expecting in the last tournament was the injury.
I was really positive but unfortunately I will need a surgery in my knee and I will stay away from the competition for a couple months.
I believe in life everything has a purpose and I will learn the lesson about that and I will have some time to think about in a lot of things and know myself better. But I’m sure it will make me come back stronger and more motivated than ever.
I had opportunity to talk with a lot of athletes that had surgeries and the came back much better after the surgery and show the real significance of the word Overcoming.
I just would like to say thanks to all my sponsor who are with me in all the moments, good or bad Hayabusa Fightwear MusclePharm Brasil @FightersMarket and Jiu Jitsu World League. And thank you to all who send me positive messages and thoughts. it gives me much more motivation and strength to come back to the mats and Live Moments like this one the picture again.

See the match here:


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