Mason Fowler Submits Bellator Heavyweight Champ Ryan Bader In SUG 20 Main Event

Current Submission Underground champion Mason Fowler continued his impressive winning streak at SUG 20, securing his championship title against Bellator heavyweight champion Ryan Bader just ten days after both athletes competed at SUG 19.

After some hand-fighting on the feet, Fowler pulled guard, trying to trap one of his opponent’s legs as Bader tried to pass. Bader ended up in Fowler’s closed guard and forced him against the cage as Fowler opened his guard and put in a butterfly hook. With his other leg, Fowler pushed off Bader’s hip to create an angle to straighten out Bader’s arm.

It was mere seconds until Bader tapped, and Fowler was declared the winner at 1:39 in regulation, retaining his SUG championship title.


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