Matheus Lutes Has Earned His BJJ Black Belt

Matheus Lutes has long been considered a competitor to watch as he approached the rank of black belt, and now, he’s finally earned it.

Lutes, who won No-Gi Worlds last year as a brown belt and has been tearing up the sub-only scene with impressive performances at events including the Spyder BJJ Invitational and Kasai, was promoted by Marcelo Garcia. He announced the special moment on social media:

“Last night I had one of the most special moments in my life , I received my black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. What that means? Means everything , because all I have in my life and who I’m , come from jiu jitsu , and becoming a black belt is just certifying it. Thank you @marcelogarciajiujitsu for give me the pleasure to be one of his black belts , to believe that I’m ready for this moment , not just in a technical aspect but in respect , character, maturity and honor for this award. This was a long road and so many people helped me get in here, is like every stitch on this belt was a moment that someone was there for me. Thank you all for this 🙏
The journey has only began 2020 here I come .”


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