Max Holloway Defeats Frankie Edgar at UFC 240

He bowed to Frankie Edgar at the end of their five rounds together, but it was Max Holloway who walked out of the ring a winner. Holloway was named the victor at UFC 240’s Alberta, Canada, fight card, winning by unanimous decision over a fighter he says is part his inspiration to get into rings in the first place.

It took over two years for fans to get the matchup between Edgar “The Answer,” one of the most beloved underdogs in UFC history and potential legend Holloway, who is now on a 14 fight winning streak at featherweight.

There wasn’t much grappling to highlight in the matchup, which ended up being scored 50-45, 50-45, and 47-46 in favor of Holloway. Big points came in the form of strikes landed by Max, including one gorgeous spinning back kick which seemingly came outta no where:

Edgar, widely considered the superior ground fighter, found himself unable to wrestle Holloway to the ground for disassembly but for one takedown in later rounds. It wasn’t enough to get the W needed to break his losing streak.

Holloway was coming off his loss at lightweight to Dustin Poirier back in April. He’s is now squarely in the running to become the winningest featherweight in UFC history.


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