Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Trains BJJ & Just Earned The First Stripe On His Blue Belt

Metal fans rejoice — Dave Mustaine not only trains jiu-jitsu, but he’s also getting pretty good at it, too.

Mustaine, 57, was given the first stripe on his blue belt at Gracie Barra Spring Hill BJJ & Self-Defense, which is led by third-degree black belt Reggie Almeida.

The musician joins an ever-growing list of celebrities who have taken up jiu-jitsu, including Demi Lovato and Tom Hardy. Mustaine is an accomplished artist, having co-founded the metal band Megadeth (for which he still writes, sings, and plays guitar) and served as the original lead guitarist for Metallica.

Congratulations @davemustaine your passion and dedication it’s a motivation to all of us ! Congratulations on your first…

Posted by Gracie Barra Spring Hill Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defense on Thursday, February 7, 2019


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