Melqui and Mica Galvão Part Ways With Fight Sports

Melqui Galvão – perhaps best known as the father and coach of teen phenom and black belt world champion Mica Galvão – has announced his departure from Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu’s Fight Sports team, per FloGrappling’s Michael Sears

In a statement published by FloGrappling, Melqui announced, “We have decided that from now on we will walk alone. We will be grateful for everything Fight Sports has done for us but we are no longer part of the team. It is the first time in more than ten years of our project that I have decided not to join a large team in order to have financial resources.” 

His new team, Melqui Galvão Jiu-Jitsu, will be based in Jundaí, Sao Paulo, where Melqui is reportedly training up his athletes to make their debut under his banner at the Rio Open. We can also expect to see the Melqui Galvão Jiu-Jitsu team at Euros this year.

According to FloGrappling, Melqui has additional plans to expand his team beyond Brazilian borders, and hopes to open affiliate locations in the US.


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