Mickey Gall Taps Sage Northcutt Via RNC, Continues Undefeated RNC Streak

UFC welterweight Mickey Gall has continued his undefeated streak, winning his fourth professional MMA fight via RNC.

Gall took on up-and-coming star Sage Northcutt, who, at only 20 years old, is the youngest UFC star on the promotion’s roster.  Gall took down Northcutt early in the first round with a double leg, trying to pass the 20-year-old’s half guard in order to get a guillotine choke.

Sage, however, worked his way up, kicking Gall in the thighs while Mickey was down.

Gall stood up and soon took Sage back down, this time with a single leg.

In round 2, Sage tried to utilize more of his striking, where he may have had the advantage. Gall, however, turned the striking game to his advantage, grounding Sage with a right and taking his back.

Gall soon locked in his RNC choke, giving the young Sage no choice but to tap.

Gall is now 4-0 in professional MMA. He has won all of his fights via RNC, though this is his first time having to go into the second round.

Northcutt drops to 8-2.

Winner by RNC in Round 2: Mickey Gall!


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