Mike Davila: ‘Never allow anyone to tell you your’e not good enough’

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Speculations flew when John Danaher refused to shake hands with Mike Davila at EBI 7. Many criticized him without knowing his side of the story.

In order to correct misconceptions, he has written a long Facebook post that narrates the relevant details which led to his actions.

Danaher talked about the professional ties between his friend, Doug Pelinkovic, and Davila, who was once their student. According to him, Pelinkovic was a loyal teacher and great benefactor to Davila. However, the latter betrayed their trust by moving to another school, teaching at a direct competitor, and poaching a number of students in the process.

Davila also got himself a slot at EBI 7 through dubious means such as name dropping. In Danaher’s eyes, he was not ready, given his current skill set. Danaher felt many others from the team were more deserving. This was the initial cause of the disharmony between the men. Shaking hands is a sign of respect that Danaher could not give Davila given all that transpired.

Mike Davila’s post on Facebook:

“I have not nor have I ever lied, cheated, or taken advantage of anyone to get anywhere in life or jujitsu. As for John Danher, I have the utmost respect for him, but he has no clue how hard I work, the sacrifices I make, or the extent of the 6 year relationship I had with both my professor and the bronx academy.” 

“This entire situation has never been about EBI. This has always been about me wanting to go to the next level and being told I didnt deserve it. Even after being told I wouldnt make it out the first round, I made it to the semi finals proving to myself and others that I can be a contender. I dont fear failure, I fear not trying.”

“I encourage others to follow their dreams, to push boundaries and take risks. Never allow anyone to tell you your not good enough, life is too short and opportunities are not guaranteed.”


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