Mike Perry Knocks Out Guy Who Tried To Throw A Punch At Him

Careful who you mess with in this world, because that guy might just be 11-1 UFC Welterweight Mike Perry.

Perry was speaking to TMZ via video chat about an incident that occurred on New Year’s when he and his girlfriend were chatting in downtown Orlando.

According to Perry, a man walked up behind his girlfriend and tried to put a party hat on her head. Perry told the guy to back up, but the man didn’t listen. The UFC fighter then pushed his shoulder, and the guy punched Perry in the mouth.

That’s when the poor man learned the hard way that he should keep his hands to himself — especially when he’s dealing with a UFC fighter who won all but one of his fights via knockout.

Perry went at the man, caught him with a left hook, and dropped him.

The guy’s buddy, however, was significantly smarter, and walked away when Perry challenged him.  He didn’t even try to help his friend.

You can check out the video with Mike Perry below:


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