MMA Fighter Defends Clerk During Shoplifting Attack

Life is bittersweet, and a clerk in Albuquerque found out in an unfortunate shoplifting incident. The clerk of a Circle K was attacked by a couple who wanted to steal from the small establishment.

The situation could have gotten worse if Saul Elizondo had not walked into the convenience store. Elizondo is a decorated MMA fighter and has been fighting professionally for 6 years. He was merely making a pit stop to fill up his vehicle with some gasoline.

Elizondo, through what some may call a sixth sense, knew something was wrong as soon as he went into the Circle K. Elizondo, almost instinctively, evaluated the situation and took down the bad guy. This is how an MMA Fighter defends clerk during Albuquerque shoplifting incident.

The people in Albuquerque have a new hero in Elizondo, but he refuses to take such a mantle. Elizondo believes that anyone of his MMA Fighters comrades would have done the same if they were in that situation. News by KRQE


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