New Black Belt Teri Reeves Gives A Speech That Describes Why Jiu-Jitsu Means So Much To Us All

The journey to black belt seems so long when you first start jiu-jitsu, and when the day finally comes, you may realize you’ve learned a lot through your BJJ journey that didn’t directly relate to armbars and chokes at all.

This was the case for new Gracie Barra black belt Teri Reeves, who was recently promoted by Romulo Barral. Upon receiving her new belt, Reeves gave a tear-jerking speech that communicated just why jiu-jitsu has been so important to her over the years, citing everything from the support system she’s been given to the mental health benefits it’s provided her. If you’ve ever felt like jiu-jitsu has touched your life, give this a listen and share it with your friends so that they can have some motivation to get back onto the mats today, too.


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