New Details Emerge About Jon Jones’ Latest Arrest

Image Source: Jon Jones via Instagram

Details about Jon Jones‘ arrest have been brought to light after the police report from the alleged incident was shared by MMA Junkie.

Jones was arrested last Friday night in Las Vegas, hours after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. The charges include domestic battery — a misdemeanor — and injuring and tampering with a vehicle — a felony.

The report states that police were called after a domestic disturbance was reported at Caesar’s Palace, with a woman later identified as Jones’ fiancee, Jessie Moses, described as “bleeding from her nose/mouth.”

According to the police report, Moses told the responding officers that she had stayed behind in the hotel while Jones went out with friends that night. When Jones came back, she says, she was sleeping, and he was “not very happy.” Moses told police that Jones didn’t hit her, but that he “touched the back of [her] head and pulled [her] hair a little bit” because she was trying to leave the hotel room. The report also describes Moses as having a red mark on her upper right cheek and blood “all over” her clothes, on her chin, and “a bump with dried up blood on the lower part of her lip.” Moses told police, “I know they are really dry,” when asked about her lip.

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 24, a security guard at the hotel was approached by Moses, who asked if she could get a key for her room, per the report. The security guard then asked Moses if she was okay after noticing blood on her clothing and lip, and Moses “began to tear up.” After being asked by the security guard, Moses said that she didn’t feel safe going back to her room. The alleged victim was then taken to a security officer with her children, and her youngest child asked if the police could be called.

In a subsequent interview with the police, Moses stated that she didn’t want to fill out a statement or allow the interview to be recorded. While she didn’t go into detail about the “aggressive behavior” allegedly displayed by Jones, she mentioned that she didn’t feel safe in the room with him. She reports that Jones “grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her back toward the room” as she tried to take her three children. Moses then gave police permission to enter the hotel room, where they found blood on the bed sheets and “shoes strewn about.” She did not allow police to take photos of her injuries and declined a card containing information about how to obtain a restraining order.

As the interview with the detectives was ending, Moses reportedly asked, “How long do I have until he is out?” The police report describes her as seeming “very scared as to the release of [Jones] from jail.”

Jones has reportedly left the hotel by the time police arrived at the scene, and as police were detaining him, he became “irate” and “smashed” his head into the hood of the police vehicle, leaving a “medium-sized dent” and chipping paint from the vehicle. He’s described in the police report as being “extremely agitated” over the arrest and going from “talking calmly to crying.” He told police that he wanted to file a lawsuit against the department for “putting him in handcuffs on the biggest night of his life.”

In an interview with detectives, Jones said that he remembered returning to his hotel room after leaving to go out, at which point he told Moses that he was taking $10,000 to go to a strip club. Though Jones told detectives that Moses “didn’t have a problem” with him going to the strip club, he says that an argument about their relationship ensued. After that, Jones said, he did not remember walking out of the hotel, but insisted that he didn’t touch Moses or pull her hair; he also did not see her with a bloody nose, he says.

Per the police report, Jones thanked the detectives after the interview and then “stated jokingly that he would like to take [the officers] on and see what [they] could do.” As he was being placed into handcuffs, he “jokingly feinted that he was going to escape the handcuffs and fight the officers.” The report says that he apologized and complied after he was threatened with being tased.

Jones has not responded directly to the allegations, but shared an undated video of himself lifting weights yesterday on his Instagram story. The text overlay on the video included, “I have way too much trauma to consume alcohol, my brain simply can’t handle it anymore. I will leave alcohol in my past forever,” “Turn this nightmare into the best thing to ever happen in my life,” “Now is the time to work harder than ever,” “What the devil means for bad, God means for good,” and “Get right back on my horse.”

Jones’ Instagram story also included a photo with Ryan Hall, indicating that he had trained at Hall’s academy on Tuesday evening.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will continue to provide updates on this situation as they become available.


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