Security Guard From Dillon Danis Incident Has First Class With Tom Deblass

In a post on instagram, Tom Deblass showed himself posing with his newest student, Chase the Bouncer

“Pleasure to have the man of the hour @chance_3141 training with me now.

Free year for my guy here.

Chance is the bouncer that had Dillons back, the video went viral.

I spoke to Chance and let me tell you, he looks for no trouble. He is kind and humble.

The story is Dillon showed up to his bar without an ID. Chance wouldn’t let him in so Dillon says “google me bro” and continues to pull up his instagram.

Chance still wouldn’t let him in so Dillon got very offended and started aggressively going over the bouncers.

Pleasure to have you with us brother, and if you have any haters tell them to meet you here:)”

Deblass has been largely outspoken about his distaste for Danis and the incident leading to his arrest. As the jiu-jitsu community weighs in with their thoughts, Deblass has stepped up with a free year of training for Chase. Last week, Deblass posted a photo of Chase, the end of his caption reading “Dillon, if you seek revenge it won’t end well. Xo”. This is one of his ways to assure that fact.


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