The Krab Guard By Keenan Cornelius


  1. I can see 2 ways this will back fire quickly, which I tihnk ill keep to myself for when someone tries this on me lol. Also, on stronger opponents they will just sprawl and axtend the locked leg. The defender will be forced to readjust and switch to full guard leaving a moment they will be wide open for a pass.

    Simple counter really, sprawl out hips square, be ready to pounce when he release the lock.

    Its good technique for a sweep, but I wouldnt hang out there and play in that position.

  2. Keenan spent a few years training in Maryland with Lloyd Irvin. Crab feasts are all the rage in Maryland. This is called The Krab Guard. Coincidence? I think not. #mindjitsu #whitedudewithablackname

    Happy training everyone


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