Nick ‘Chewy’ Albin: Yes, White Belts Should Learn Leg Locks

Leg locks are some of the most controversial moves in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Old school practitioners consider them to be borderline cheating.

Second-degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Nick “Chewy” Albin studied under instructors with this mentality. However, like many others, he realizes that leg locks are here to stay, so you might as well learn them.

This goes for white belts, too. Much of this has to do with safety.

“I don’t want one of my white belts to get in a straight ankle lock and then try to twist out of it or get caught in a heel hook, then go the wrong way,” Chewy told his viewers. “I want them to know exactly how to react with those weapons and know how to do so comfortably.”

Professor Albin also claims that, since he has started teaching leg locks, he has seen a decrease in injuries.


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