Nick Diaz Claims He Could Have Helped Nate Defeat Conor At UFC 202

Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt and UFC middleweight Nick Diaz claims he could have helped his little brother, Nate, defeat reigning Featherweight and Lightweight Champion “The Notorious” Conor McGregor at their UFC 202 rematch.

The NAC barred Nick from the rematch, as he had not paid them the minimum $25,000 of the $75,000 he still owed them from his controversial marijuana-related suspension.  This not only prevented Nick from cornering his brother, but made any octagon-side help virtually impossible, as the older Diaz was not allowed within six rows of the cage.

“I was seeing things in that fight that I would’ve called and told him,” Nick told Opie Radio on Tuesday. “I was seeing things that he wasn’t seeing, because I do these things and I know how they work out for me. It’s kind of like a formula, you know what I mean? And I’m like, hey look, this is what you do. Come the third and fourth round, I think if I would’ve been there, we would’ve been able to put it together and got that guy out of there.”

Nate Diaz defeated McGregor via a rear naked choke in their first match at UFC 196. The win snapped Conor’s 15-fight win streak and not only made Diaz one of only three men to have beaten “The Notorious,” but the only one to have done it in the UFC.

Conor, however, got some revenge at UFC 202 when he managed to score a unanimous decision victory over Nate.

There has been some talk of a third fight, but so far, nothing is in the works.


  1. Yes, of course corner men are important!
    Dana desperately wanted Conor to win, and did everything he could to make that happen.


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