The wait is over — we finally have the official bracket for 3rd Coast Grappling’s stacked Kumite IV event.

The event, which is scheduled to take place on July 11, will consist of an absolute bracket with some of the brightest stars in grappling today, including 3CG: Kumite III champ Roberto Jimenez and Kumite II runner-up Fellipe Andrew.

ADCC standout Nick Rodriguez will be stepping up to face Jimenez in the first round, giving him the opportunity for another rematch with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu… that is, providing that Cyborg can get past American Nationals champ Arnaldo Maidana.

Should Jimenez make it back to the finals for the third time in 3CG’s Kumite series, there’s potential for him to be able to avenge his loss against Lucas Barbosa from Fight 2 Win 137. Barbosa’s going to have to work hard if he wants to make it all the way there, though. Andrew is a notoriously tough opponent and has proven his mettle on the 3CG mats before, and the other half of the right side of the bracket features two more highly accomplished athletes. No-gi world champion and 3CG Kumite III competitor Johnny Tama will be making his return, this time against two-time Brazilian Nationals champ Guilherme Augusto.

As always, the tournament will be paired with a number of superfights, with Maggie Grindatti, Mona Bailey, and Dakota Hope among the accomplished 3CG veterans who will be coming back to make their mark on the mats yet again. And of course, the main event superfight will be a match between Gordon Ryan and We Defy’s Brian Marvin, which intends to raise money for the We Defy Foundation.

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Here is the full lineup for the event:

  • Desmond Rubio vs Tyler Ard 8:00-8:05
  • Sarah Torregrossa vs Camila Lopez 8:11-8:18
  • Tevin Sandoz vs Arlyn Arndt 8:24-8:31
  • Kids Grapple Royale 8:34-8:45
  • JT Little vs Jose Ruiz 8:50-8:57
  • Nick Rodriguez vs Roberto Jimenez 9:03-9:10
  • Arnaldo Maidana vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu 9:17-9:24
  • Fellipe Andrew vs Lucas Barbosa 9:31-9:38
  • Johnny Tama vs Guilherme Augusto 9:45-9:52
  • Josh Walker vs Yadier Del Valle 9:59-10:06
  • Dakota Hope-Lewis vs Victor Seabra 10:13-10:20
  • Semi 1 10:27-10:34
  • Mona Bailey vs Natalia Santoro 10:41-10:48
  • Maggie Grindatti vs Vedha Toscana 10:55-11:02
  • Semi 2 11:09-11-16
  • Gordon Ryan vs Brian Marvin 11:20-11:30
  • Finals 11:35-11:42

3CG: Kumite IV will take place on July 11 and can be streamed live on FloGrappling.


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