The North South Choke – A Mini-Seminar

The North South choke is one of the few submissions that the grappler can finish from the north south position.

The North South is a very stable position to control and fresh, strong thrashing opponent.
But once you have secured the position and controlled your opponent…what do you do next?

The North South choke may start in side control and caught in the transition to north / south with various setups (which ADCC champions will demonstrate for us here)

1) How to control the north south position
in Judo, North South is known as “Kami Shio Gatame” (north south mount) .
Judo has highly developed this position as it is possible to win by holding / immobilizing the opponent for 25 seconds.
Judo legend Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki was known for his ground work and demonstrates many different fine details (audio is on Japanese – but you can follow from his movements)

2) The Master of the North South Choke
No one is better known for the North South choke than MMA fighter and ADCC Champion Jeff Monson.
Now Jeff Monson has some huge, muscular arms, but smaller guys can hit this choke as well.
* Big guns are not enough to get the choke (although it probably doesn’t hurt!).
Pay attention to the details (the wrist position) that make or break the choke.

3) Marcelo Garcia sets up his North South choke
Everyone knows the submissions.
The question is: How do you actually get into the submission position?
Marcelo demonstrates his setup on how to get into the choke position.
Marcelo also proves that one does not need Monson-esque arms to be effective with the choke!

Marcelo prefers NO arm in chokes against bigger guys. Here is a GREAT tutorial!

4) Countering the Head and Arm Choke
Jeremy Arel (my favorite YouTube technique channel!) shows how he counters the North South choke.

read also Jiu-jitsu Times: Off the Mat with a Bjj Black Belt: Jeremy Arel

There you have a mini-seminar on the North South Choke…give it a try in your training!

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