Officer Armbar Takedown A Woman

In a recent police scandal, Megan Sheehan is going to be suing Bay Area Rapid Transit Police after she had an altercation with two police officers. These officers slammed her face first onto the ground while she was in custody. This violent action resulting in tremendous injuries to her face, including a large gash over the eye that needed stitches to heal.

There is a video that contains evidence that the police officers involved in this altercation did not need to resort to such heavy force. Sheehan was on video waiting for a train to take her home after she was enjoying a night out on the town. The police officers noticed her and charged her with a relatively menial offense, such as disorderly conduct. At that point, the video showed that one of the officers put his arms around the woman from the side, and she leaned back, shouting for the officer to not touch her in that manner. After she had shouted out, the officers grabbed both her arms and slammed her to the ground. She is pressing charges because of how unnecessary the action was and how much injury was done to her face as a result.


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