UFC Champ Chris Weidman: ” I’m gonna crap myself in the middle of this cage”

Weidman told The MMA Hour why he was looking a little off during his walkout at UFC 187 against Vitor.

“I’ll be honest with you. It was my first time ever where I had to go to the bathroom, bad. I’m like, ‘I cannot believe this is gonna happen – I’m gonna crap myself in the middle of this cage.’ As soon as Vitor’s walkout music came on, all I could think about was – ‘I don’t know if I should go to the bathroom now or hold it. I don’t know what’s gonna happen’. That’s what was going on all through my mind the whole time I was walking out. I was wondering if I was going to become the first person to run away from the fight to go to the bathroom. I gave Ray (Ray Longo) the flag during the walkout because I was just trying to focus on not crapping myself.”



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