´Old Man´ Jiu-Jitsu Is Nonsense

Fabricio Werdum black belt Professor Gustavo Gasperin is not a fan of the ¨old man¨ jiu-jitsu advice.

¨I see a lot of people on social media talking about that you should train like an old man,¨Professor Gustavo says in the video. ¨Stop relying on your athleticism, relying on your physical abilities because when you get old — once you get to the eighty, ninety years old — you won´t be able to rely on your cartwheel passes, you won´t be able to do your agility footwork passes based on balance and flexibility. Speed passes — forget about it. Forget about playing a game that´s heavily relying on grips…¨

However, what most people don´t realize, according to Gasperin, is that this type of strength, speed, and agility-based rolling will help your jiu-jitsu when you get old, not harm it.

Do you think if I stop doing that moving like that right now I´m going to be able to do that when I old? No! I´m going to be able to do that when I get older because I maintain the movements. I keep doing, and keep drilling, and keep exercising and doing that stuff.

Besides, as Gustavo points out, not doing something now because you won´t be able to do it when you´re older makes no sense. Would you stop going to wild parties now because one day you´ll be too old for it? Are you going to stop working now because you´ll be too old for it one day? Of course not!

Check out all of Professor Gustavo Gasperin´s video below. What do you think of his advice? Should we toss out ¨old man¨jiu-jitsu and embrace athleticism?

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