Oliver Taza Beats Ross Nicholls Via Unanimous Decision

Oliver Taza Polaris 5

Oliver Taza will be walking out of Polaris 5 with a unanimous decision victory over his opponent, Ross Nicholls.

Nicholls spent the overwhelming majority of the match on his back, working a reverse De La Riva. He was able to shut down many of Taza’s passing attempts and successfully hid his leg from his opponent, thereby avoiding any chances of falling victim to an infamous Danaher Death Squad leg lock.

However, Oliver was the more aggressive of the two. On a few occasions, he was able to push pass Nicholls’ guard. Taza didn’t limit himself to leg locks, either. He went for guillotines, D’arce chokes, and came dangerously close to nailing an RNC.

His aggression was enough to impress the judges and earn himself a win.


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