Masakuzu Imanari Taps Valmyr Neto With Heel Hook

Mazakazu Imanari is walking out of the Polaris 5 prelims with the “W” next to his name.

The namesake of the famous Imanari roll took on black belt Valmyr Neto. Imanari sat immediately, pushing his forehead into his opponent’s and utilizing his half guard. He wasn’t able to hit his famous roll the first time, but he was able to grab a hold of Valmyr’s leg towards the halfway point in the match.

The Japanese fighter then locked on a heel hook. Neto tried desperately to get out, pushing and rolling with everything he had. It wasn’t enough, though, and he was forced to tap.

At the end of the fight, Valmyr Neto challenged his opponent to a gi fight. Imanari, did not respond, and proved to be a man of few words, answering the interviewer’s questions with one or two-word answers.

I guess he made whatever statement he wanted on the mats.


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