One Thing Missing In Today’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A Judo Olympian explains one of the things missing in today’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Rhadi Ferguson. The experienced mixed martial arts and Judo trainer explained recently that many Brazilian Jiujitsu fighters overlook the importance of perfecting their osaekomi waza technique, which is also known as pinning opponents. Strengthening your saekomi waza can help when you feel pressured to tap out in combat.

Pinning techniques are a type of grappling move which represents different types of holds used to gain dominance over your opponent. One reason why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters lack great pinning techniques is because when they work on their groundwork they are constantly trying to maneuver themselves and get in a better position. Therefore, they spend little time actually working on pinning down their opponent.

Dr. Rhadi Bullard Ferguson is considered to be somewhat of an expert in this field, having been an Olympian strength and conditioning coach as well as holding a 4th degree black belt in judo and a 3rd degree belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.



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