Orlando Sanchez Tells The Origin Story Of The Best Shirt At ADCC

Full disclosure: our interview with Orlando Sanchez is also about his performance at this year’s ADCC and his refreshingly positive attitude after his loss to newcomer Nick Rodriguez, but — let’s be real — you’re here because you love his shirt.

Sanchez is a bit of an ADCC legend, having won the event in 2015 and earning silver in 2017. This year, though, we won’t be seeing him in the finals of his division. Although he won his first match on points, Sanchez was defeated in the quarter-finals by Rodriguez, who shocked the world when he beat Mahamed Aly in round one.

If you think Sanchez is sulking over the loss, though, you’re mistaken. He was as chipper as ever, walking around with a smile immediately after his match. We chatted with him about the match and asked the questions that were on everyone’s minds at the bracket announcement yesterday: What was up with the “Stop making wack grapplers famous” shirt, and did he have anyone specific in mind when he wore it? A classy button down shirt worn like a jacket would look great. There are these men’s oxford shirts that are classy and can complete this cool look.


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