Overall EBI Submission Infographic Stats: Rear Naked Choke Made The Top Of The List

If you have an interest in learning more about the amazing Eddie Bravo Invitational, there are some stats that you probably would like to know.

Overtime Stats

52 out of the 151 matches went into overtime. 19 out of the overtime finishes had the quickest escape time, while 22 of these used the rear naked choke. 11 of the them involved the arm bar.

Maneuvers for Winning Advantage

Some of the top maneuvers that were used during these fights included the rear naked choke, heel hook, quickest escape time, arm bar, and inside heel hook.

Americans Take the Victory

All of the winners at the EBI were American. The men with the top 3 scores are Garry Tonon, Geo Martinez, and Gordon Ryan.


EBI – By The Numbers – An infographic by the team at Attack The Back


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