Pakistan Grappling Challenge Recap

Pakistan Grappling Challenge Recap

I got a chance to chat with ONE FC fighter and Pakistan’s MMA pioneer Bashir Ahmad of PAKMMA and Synergy MMA about the recently Pakistan Grappling Challenge that took place earlier this month. Here is our conversation.

Q: How many competitors participated in the event?

A: Around 60 competitors took part.

Q: Which team took home the most medals?
A: Synergy took home the most medals.

Q: Did most of the matches end with submissions or by points?
A: The tournament was submission only, so there ya go

Q: How many teams were present at the PGC?
A: The teams present; Synergy, 3G, Shura Ryu, Elite MMA, Team FIght Fortress, Afghanistan and TDS (The Dragon Society).

Q: When will we see another Pakistani Grappling Challenge or another jiu-jitsu tournament in Pakistan in the near future?

A: This is to be a yearly event.

Check back with Jiu-Jitsu Times for more updates on the growth of BJJ in Pakistan and everywhere else in the world.


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